Skilled Scout Leader Fahim Ahmed Opi.

April 09, 2022 NAJMUL HUSSEIN 0 Comments

Fahim Ahmed Opi was born and raised in Mofasbal area. In addition to his studies, he is deeply involved with the Scouts. Leading the scout team with skilled hands. The scout team has conducted relief distribution, social activities, immunization programs, tree planting and coronary public awareness activities. Fahim Ahmed Opi started Cub Scout in 2007 when he was in class three at Balaganj Adarsh ​​Government Primary School. In 2010, he was admitted in the sixth grade of Balaganj Government DN High School and joined the school scout team. Continue to scout regularly. Participated in multiple camps as a group. Admitted to Balaganj Government College in 2015. At that time there was no rover team of scouts in the college. He made an application to the college principal along with some of his college classmates Minar Ali, Sheikh Afzal, Jamil Hossain and Maruf Ahmed to form a rover team. The principal agreed. He formed a rover team in the college in collaboration with the principal and conducted the activities of the scouts. After passing HSC in 2017, he formed a scout team called 'Shatabdi Mukta Scout Dal' with his classmates Mahin Ahmed Jagirdar and Ragib Hasan. After the formation of the free scout team, many people became interested in scouts. Conducts regular scout activities by adding interested people to the scout team. He is a Scout Leader of the Century Free Scout Team. At present the group has 60 members. Fahim Ahmed Opi was born on January 1, 1998 in Balaganj. He is the youngest of four brothers and one sister. Father's name is Abdul Malik and mother's name is Rezia Begum. Besides being a scout, he has been directing and acting in Sylhet's regional dramas. Fahim Ahmed Opi said, "I am involved in scouting as well as studying, I am managing the scout team with everyone." Scouting is a global youth organization. Scouting leads to physical and mental development. Scouting can play an important role in shaping society. The scout movement was started by Lord Baden Powell in 1908. He was a retired Lieutenant General in the British Army. Service is the only vow of human life. All the contentment, happiness and success of human heart lies in service. The first Scout journey started with only 20 teenagers. Today, there are more than 40 million Scouts recognized in 189 countries around the world who are relentlessly engaged in the service of humanity around the world. Even after a century, the number of scouts in the world is increasing at a compounding rate. At present there are more than 16 lakh scouts in Bangladesh. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has set a target of 21 lakh scouts by 2021 and is providing overall guidance and cooperation. Scouting is an international, educational and non-political movement through which children, adolescents and youth are made physically, mentally, socially, intellectually and spiritually competent. It is the only organization in the world where self-purification is required to join. Those who are interested have to take an oath to give up all the bad habits of the past life. The lifeboat has to be protected from the five rocks of alcohol, gambling, sex, deceit and atheism. Life is to be lived according to the Scout-Promise. The Scout-Pledge is: I promise, based on my self-esteem, that I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country, to always help others and to abide by the Scout Law.