Najmul Hussen: A Young Bangladeshi Musical Artist

August 28, 2021 NAJMUL HUSSEIN 0 Comments

 Najmul Hussen (Born 12 January 2000) is a Bangladeshi Visual & Musical Artist. He works on modern pop music created mashup, EDM and a fusion of traditional music with contemporary techno and urban beats.

His music is mainly influenced by Bangladeshis, while he was living in the sylhet as a student. He is the son of the Anu Miah and Ruhena begum’s. He’s father a Businessman & mother housewife. He has also produced music in sylheti music. He won sylheti balaganj National certified for Best Mashup artist for the sylheti much love music (2021).

Najmul Hussen has wanted to be a singer since he was a child; he used to attend any singing-related function and was always ready to perform! He was a member of the singing groups “District Shilpakala Academy” and “Sylheti Shilpi Gosthi.”

He joined “District Shilpakala Academy” in 2010 and was trained by other vocalists! In 2015, he left “Shilpakala Academy” and, began singing various genres of songs and also performed on a few occasions in 2017–18.

Najmul Hussen was always looking for new ways to make people laugh, and one day he came up with the idea of making funny videos. He began posting videos to YouTubeFacebook, and Instagram!

He went viral in 2018 for some of his short videos! His videos have received over 2 million views on YouTube and other video platforms. It took him a few years to catch people’s attention, but he is now well known as the Musical Artist.

Najmul Hussen: A Young Bangladeshi Musical Artist

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